Why You Need a Risk Assessment

Ahead of automatic and electric gate installation, it is important that you have a risk assessment carried out. This ensures safety and makes sure that your property is suitable for accommodating automatic gates. A lot of things require safety and risk assessments before installation as this is the best way to ensure that it is safe to have the equipment installed. 

You must always take the necessary precautions before having automatic gates installed, as when this is not done properly or safely, you can put yourself and others at risk of danger. Therefore, we strongly advise that you have a professional risk assessment beforehand to rule out the possibility of this.


Why you might consider getting automatic gates

Firstly, what is the actual purpose of having automatic gates? They are a modern access system for your home or business property and they are designed for security purposes and to keep the property safe. Automatic gates offer a lot of convenience in the way that they do not need to be operated manually but instead can be controlled automatically. 

People invest in automatic gates to limit access to their property, provide added security, and deter criminals and trespassers. This safe and effective security system will put your mind at ease knowing your property is safe, and it will also be easier for those that should be gaining entry, to do so with ease.


What does a risk assessment involve?

Having a risk assessment will flag up all potential risks onsite before you get your automatic gates installed. It also ensures that you are equipped with the right safety procedures in place, and that you meet all of the required safety guidelines. 

A risk assessment will also look into the way the gate is built, from the hinges used to fix it in place, to the size and operation of it. The purpose is to highlight any potential hazards and allow you time to sort these things out or ensure that you are equipped to deal with anything that could potentially go wrong. 


Why it is important to have a risk assessment

Though you may not necessarily realise, there are actually lots of hazards and dangers that come with electric gates. This can include things like trapping and crushing, which can be extremely serious. A risk assessment will flag these things up and give you the opportunity to alter the format or design so that these risks and hazards are minimised and that you and your visitors are as safe as possible. 

For example, you may alter the direction that the gates swing open and close, or the way they slide open and close, or simply anything that will remove hazards. Automatic gates can sometimes present more dangers than manual ones, as you don’t always have full control over them like you would with a manual gate. For example, the gates may open or close unexpectedly, potentially leading to someone getting trapped, crushed or cut. 

A risk assessment makes sure that the right precautionary measures are in place with your automatic gates. Without this, you are putting yourself and your visitors at a huge risk, and your system may not meet with the safety guidelines. Furthermore, your risk assessment will identify if you need different functions in place, or perhaps the speed of the gates to be altered for safety purposes. There are all kinds of things that can be highlighted through a risk assessment, but ultimately they are incredibly important as they help to protect you and ensure that your automatic gates system is as safe as can possibly be.

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