What Causes Your Automatic Gates to Break Down

As with anything electrical, it is possible that you will encounter faults with your automatic gates from time to time. Though usually this can be easily fixed, you are not always able to prevent it from happening. Sometimes the system might go down, or there might be a fault somewhere which causes your automatic gates to break down. 

As a business that specialises in the installation and repair of automatic gates, we see firsthand the problems that our customers may encounter from time to time, and what it is that causes these things to happen. 

So, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about what causes your automatic gates to break down, and what you should do if this happens.


Power outage

A power outage is something that is entirely unpredictable, and therefore something that we cannot control or prevent. Power cuts can occur at any time and for any length of time. When this happens, it causes all power to fail and as a result of this, any electrics stop working for an uncertain length of time. This includes your automatic gates, and it can cause quite an inconvenience. 

If a power outage causes your automatic gates to break down, this can limit access onto your property, as well as prevent you from being able to get out. When this happens, quite often you will have to manually operate the gates in order to get in and out of the property until the problem is resolved. 

Furthermore, when the power cuts out and causes your automatic gates to break down, there is a possibility that the system will need to restart, and so you may not necessarily be able to operate them again as soon as the power is back. If this happens, you should contact professionals such as ourselves to advise on what to do, or to come out and get the system started again if necessary.


System failure

Similarly to a power outage, a system failure can also occur at any time and be quite unpredictable. There are multiple things that can lead to a system failure, but sometimes this may happen due to no real reason. A system failure is specific to your automatic gates system, as opposed to a power outage that affects all electricals. This means that the problem will be flagged within the automatic gates system, and if this happens, you will need a professional to advise you on the problem, and find out what has caused it as well as how it can be fixed. 


Battery fault

Some automatic gates are powered through a battery and as with anything that is battery powered, it is normal to encounter faults or to run out of power. This is easily solved, as all it requires is a battery replacement. Furthermore, you can get automatic gates that are solar powered, and although it is less common to encounter faults with these, it can still happen and this can cause your automatic gates to break down. 

These are the most common problems that lead to automatic gates breaking down. For more information or if you would like to enquire about getting automatic gates for your property, simply get in touch with us on 01698 732 715 or by emailing jmsteelfabrication@hotmail.com and we will be more than happy to help.