The Benefits of Having an Intercom on Your Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are quite a complex and high-tech piece of equipment. Therefore, they don’t require you to do all that much when it comes to operating them, as they are automatic and capable of doing everything via an automated system. However, one way to aid this and make your automatic gates system even better, is to have an intercom.

There are different types of intercoms you can get for your automatic gates, however they ultimately improve the system and make things easier for you, also enabling you more access to operate your gates no matter where you are.

So, we thought we would tell you about some of the benefits of having an intercom on your automatic gates.


It enables you to see who is attempting to enter your property

Having an intercom on your automatic gates means that when somebody calls, you are able to find out immediately who it is. Not only do intercoms have a speaking function so that you can speak directly to whoever is calling, but there is also a camera so that you can see the person. This is also good for security reasons, as you are always able to see who is trying to gain access or attempt to enter your property.


You can access and operate your gates from anywhere

Not only do intercoms provide you with much more convenience within your own property, but you can have access to the system from anywhere. Through your mobile phone you can keep up to date and even operate the gates. This is useful if you are out and expecting a visitor, or have an impromptu visit from someone that you would like to speak to or know more about.



You can have mobile access to the system

The way the modern world is now, means that our mobile phones can connect us to just about everything. This includes the intercom on your automatic gates. Now, you can install apps so that you have access from anywhere and keep up to date with everything. This means that you can change the settings so that when somebody calls your intercom, it will just be transferred straight through to your mobile phone. You can then choose to answer or decline the call. However, this is also handy if you need to accept a delivery for example, or have a visit you need to open the gates for as you can do this directly from your mobile.



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