Sliding Gates


Sliding Gates offer a practical solution to where a normally hung swing gate may produce an obstacle to a turning vehicle and/or limit car parking space. The Cantilevered and Tracked Gate systems shown above demonstrate how sliding gates can be installed. Initially, all sliding gates used to be installed on a track that runs along the gate entrance, known as the “tracked gate”. However with new technology, the option of sliding a gate can now be achieved by means of cantilevering. With “no track required” installed across the gate entrance, groundwork and disruption of the driveway are kept to a minimum. Along with other benefits, this results in the “cantilevered sliding gate” being the much preferred option.

What Kind Of Access Systems Do You Offer?

JMS Auto Gates have the security solutions you need to keep your property safe. We deliver bespoke designs installed by professional tradespeople. We stock a great selection of access and entry systems ideal for businesses , local authorities and more. From a card/tag reader to fingerprint scanners, you can be assured we keep your business safe.

Do You Offer A Residential Service?

Making sure that you control who accesses your property is crucial to maintaining an adequate level of security. Our professional team can advise you on the right system to keep you home secure and safe. We stock Amico , Axo and Frog kits for swing gates & the BX range for all sliding / cantilever gates. We can also fit GSM intercoms/ monitoring giving you the freedom to control your gate from your phone or tablet.

Do You Provide The Most Up To Date Technologies?

Our state of the art products will let you see who arrives at your property and choose who you let in. Our automatic gate systems come standard with cutting edge control systems and can be equipped with modern cameras to give you a clear picture of who wants to gain entry. We also full servicing and repairs to all automatic and electric gates. Discover more.

Automatic Gates

JMS Auto Gates offers the very latest in technology when it comes to automatic gates and access systems. All of our products come with a manufacturer 3 year warranty.

Swing Gates

If you’re looking for swing gates in Scotland, then JMS Auto Gates can help we provide a range of bespoke swing and electric gates. Perfect for commercial and residential locations.

Cantilever Gates

The cantilever design means that the gate is supported from one end as it opens and closes, so there is no need for a track to be fitted across the entrance.

Electric Gates

If you’re looking for electrical gates in Scotland, then JMS Auto Gates can help provide a range of bespoke automatic and electric gates.

Sliding Gates

If you’re looking for sliding gates in Scotland, then JMS Auto Gates can help we provide a range of bespoke sliding and electric gates.

Access Solution

JMS Auto Gates offers cutting edge integrated access control and management systems, allowing secure access to your property.

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