Automatic Gates Scotland

Interested in automatic gates for your property? We will provide high quality automatic gates along with professional repairs!

JMS Auto Gates is a long standing, professional business providing automatic gates throughout Scotland including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lanarkshire. We have a fantastic track record of success and customer satisfaction with our automatic gates and repairs in Scotland, designed to keep you safe on your property.

Automatic gates are designed to prevent any trespassers and unwanted guests from getting onto your property. They are a wise investment as this automatic system will ensure that you are safe and secure in your home or workplace. Furthermore, aside from providing you with the latest technology, you will also receive a three year manufacturer’s warranty, so that should you encounter any faults or need any repairs, you can get this fixed with no hassle.

If you own a property in Scotland, having automatic gates is the perfect upgrade. Not only does it provide added security and look aesthetically pleasing, but automatic gates actually add value to your property aswell. In addition to this, with a loyal and professional team like ourselves on hand to offer any repairs, it is a fantastic way to enhance your property this year! So, what are you waiting for?

Do our services sound right for you? If you are based in Scotland and looking to invest in some automatic gates or undergo repairs on existing automatic gates, we would love to help! You can get in touch with us by simply calling us on 01698 732 715 or sending an email to

Automatic gates repairs in Scotland…

If you live in the areas of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Lanarkshire, JMS Auto Gates are always on hand to provide automatic gates repairs. Based in Scotland, we offer a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and 1 year installation warranty, ensuring that your automatic gates are always in the best condition and quality checked.

What are the benefits of having automatic gates?

  • Increased security
  • High tech automatic fencing system
  • Protect your home and business
  • Increased property value
  • Convenience
If you would like to speak to us about getting automatic gates for your property in Scotland, get in touch now!